Hugin Authors

Main Author: Pablo d'Angelo

By setting his original software Free under the GPL, Pablo started what has become a thriving community and a project larger than any one single individual of us could have ever done alone.

Current Contributors

Contributors who have actively worked on the recent releases are mentioned in the About screen of the application. Needless to say that their work could not have been possible without the stepping stones provided by all past contributors listed on this page.

Past Contributors

Pablo d'AngeloOriginal Author, GSoC 2007 and 2008 mentor, German translation, original CMake build, original Windows SDK
György Ballóoriginal Hungarian translation
Herbert BayGSoC 2007 mentor
Kai-Uwe Behrmanngui, panoviewer adds, original German translation
Albert Capellades Badiaoriginal Catalan translation
Kornel Benkomaintenance CMake build
Jakub BoguszPolish translation
Milo CasagrandeItalian translation
Marco CucinatoItalian translation
Vaclav CernyCzech translation
Jean-Luc Coulonoriginal French translation
Serhij Dubykinitial Ukrainian translation
Terry Duellupdated tutorials, Fedora tester and packager
Lu Fanginitial Chinese Simplified translation
Jorge González Gonzálezoriginal Spanish translation
Ed Halleygui, documentation
Juha HelminenCode
Ad Huikeshovenautomated Windows snapshot builds
Iouri Ivlievbug fixes
Marek JanuszewskiCode, initial Polish translation
Jing JinGSoC 2007 deghosting
Lukáš JirkovskýGSoC 2009 deghosting in enfuse
Allard KatanWindows installer
Marco KuderGSoC 2008 batch processor
Guido KohlmeyerGerman translation, Windows SDK, bug fixes
Erik KrauseEnfuse and enblend droplets for Windows
Alexandre JennySpaceTransform class, GSoC 2008 mentoring
Höss LajosHungarian translation
Rick LangfordTraditional Chinese original translation and updates
Homin Leeinitial Korean translation
James LeggGSoC 2008 OpenGL fast preview GSoC 2009 new layout
Yuval LevyCommunity Builder, GSoC admin 2007 and 2009, GSoC mentor 2007 and 2008, Windows build, original Windows installer, bugfixes, fixes Italian translation
Cristian MarchiItalian translation and 2010 artwork
Zoran MesecGSoC 2007 feature detector, GSoC 2008 mentor, initial Slovenian translation
Andreas MetzlerDebian packaging
Andrew Mihaloriginal author of enblend, enfuse, nona-gpu. GSoC 2009 mentor
Thomas Modescode and bugfixes
John NavasMSI installer
Tim NugentGSoC 2008 Celeste, GSoC 2009 Lens Calibration
Simon OosthoekDutch translation
Eduardo Pérez EstebanSpanish translation
Gerry PattersonCode
Bruno Postleinitial packaging, website, documentation, initial British English translation, GSoC 2009 mentor
Alexandre ProkoudineInitial Russian translation, GSoC 2008 admin
Jozef Rihaoriginal Slovak translation
Marijn Rosbug reports and patches
Joachim SchneiderGerman translation
Tom SharplessWindows build, GSoC 2009 mentor, code
Jiri Slabyoriginal Czech translation
Ryan SleeviWindows 64-bit patches and SDK
Ademar de Souza Reis Jr.original Brazilian translation
Michał SmoczykPolish translation
Svetoslav StefanovBulgarian initial translation
Brent Townshendcode and bug fixes
Lorenz TrischbergerGerman translation
Ippei UkaiMacOSX port, initial Japanese translation, GSoC 2007 code refactoring
Harry van der Wolforiginal Dutch translation, OSX build
Luca Vasconsplash screen, icons, original Italian translation
Fabian WetzelPanoglview
Ulf Wilhelmsonoriginal Swedish translation
Douglas Wilkinspackaging, translation, bugfixes
Ziv YanivRanSaC code

Upstream Code Contribution

Hugin's source package also contains the following (slightly modified) libraries. The improvements have been contributed back to the upstream developers, if possible. Hugin would not have been possible without them. Many thanks.

The camera response estimation uses the EMoR response model developed at the Computer Vision Laboratory of the Columbia University. "Modeling the Space of Camera Response Functions," M.D. Grossberg and S.K. Nayar, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol.26, No.10, pp.1272-1282, Oct, 2004.

Hugin would not be what it is without the following packages:

Many thanks to the whole Hugin-PTX mailing list, for great feedback and interesting discussions.

Last but not least, many thanks to Nils Lagerkvist for suggesting the program name, Hugin.