Hugin - Community Charter

The Hugin contributors' community is generally open to all user contribution and welcomes everybody to become a member. We use a single mailing list for both developers and users to encourage exchange and mingling.

We seriously consider and review all user-submitted bug reports, feature requests, patches within the limits of our resources. Users are encouraged to use the Launchpad tracker and the project's mailing list for their submissions.

We give write access to the project's Mercurial repositories to every user who requests it, has a need, and has demonstrated positive contributions on the mailing list including but not limited to code patches. We often encourage users to become contributors by proactively offering them repository write access after observing their public contributions.

Contributors are developers, builders, translators, documenters, and all users who do anything to advance the project. We are a purely meritocratic project, making decisions by consensus.

We expect our contributors to be responsible; to consider the consequences of their intended actions on the community and on the project; to be self-sufficient.

We are tolerant of the occasional break, which is understood to be a work in progress, where people can make mistakes. We don't blame for breaks, we just fix them.

We are a small enough community that does not need to police contributors. However we reserve ourselves the right to revoke repository access and/or mailing-list access in the exceptional case of repetitive and intentionally disruptive behavior.

We never had to revoke repository access, and so far we have been successful at keeping the occasional spammer out of the mailing list.

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