Hugin Documentation

Expect to see some more documentation here eventually.

For now, there is: the Hugin Manual for the latest development trunk, the tutorials and a list of Hugin Frequently Asked Questions.

The script files understood by the nona stitcher are documented here.

The PanoTools wiki aims to be the definitive reference for Panorama Tools. It contains a lot of usage documentation relevant to Hugin, so much so that the Hugin manual consists of sections exported from the PanoTools wiki.

Translation and localisation

Hugin is fully internationalised and localisable in any language, see the screenshots.

More languages would be great, Hugin is unicode throughout so no languages are impossible, but translations do need to be contributed by volunteers.

See the Hugin translation guide for translators of the Hugin project.

Developer Information

We have the Hugin Changelog derived from Hg commit messages, and the Hugin sourcecode API derived from the doxygen documentation.

You can also Browse the source code tree with hgweb.

Bugs, Support Requests, Patches and Feature Requests can be found on the Launchpad Hugin project page.

Developer mailing lists

The main mailing list for development and user discussion is hugin-ptx, there are however various other lists that developers may want to subscribe to:

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