Exiv2Helper.h File Reference

helper functions to work with Exif data via the exiv2 library More...

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <exiv2/exif.hpp>

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namespace  HuginBase
namespace  HuginBase::Exiv2Helper


const double HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getExiv2ValueDouble (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, Exiv2::ExifData::const_iterator it)
const double HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getExiv2ValueDouble (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, std::string keyName)
const std::string HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getExiv2ValueString (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, Exiv2::ExifData::const_iterator it)
const std::string HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getExiv2ValueString (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, std::string keyName)
const long HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getExiv2ValueLong (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, Exiv2::ExifData::const_iterator it)
const long HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getExiv2ValueLong (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, std::string keyName)
bool HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::readRedBlueBalance (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, double &redBalance, double &blueBalance)
const double HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getCropFactor (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData, long width, long height)
const std::string HuginBase::Exiv2Helper::getLensName (Exiv2::ExifData &exifData)

Detailed Description

helper functions to work with Exif data via the exiv2 library

Pablo d'Angelo, T. Modes

Definition in file Exiv2Helper.h.

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