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tools/ExtractPoints.h File Reference

helper procedure for photometric optimizer on command line More...

#include <hugin_basic.h>
#include <vigra/error.hxx>
#include <vigra/impex.hxx>
#include <vigra_ext/ransac.h>
#include <vigra_ext/VigQuotientEstimator.h>
#include <vigra_ext/Pyramid.h>
#include <vigra_ext/Interpolators.h>
#include <vigra_ext/impexalpha.hxx>
#include <algorithms/point_sampler/PointSampler.h>

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template<class ImageType>
std::vector< ImageType * > loadImagesPyr (std::vector< std::string > files, int pyrLevel, int verbose)
void loadImgsAndExtractPoints (Panorama pano, int nPoints, int pyrLevel, bool randomPoints, AppBase::ProgressDisplay &progress, std::vector< vigra_ext::PointPairRGB > &points, int verbose)

Detailed Description

helper procedure for photometric optimizer on command line

Pablo d'Angelo <pablo.dangelo@web.de>

Function Documentation

template<class ImageType>
std::vector<ImageType *> loadImagesPyr std::vector< std::string >  files,
int  pyrLevel,
int  verbose

void loadImgsAndExtractPoints Panorama  pano,
int  nPoints,
int  pyrLevel,
bool  randomPoints,
AppBase::ProgressDisplay progress,
std::vector< vigra_ext::PointPairRGB > &  points,
int  verbose

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