FindN8Lines.h File Reference

declaration of find lines algorithm More...

#include <vector>
#include "LinesTypes.h"
#include <vigra/stdimage.hxx>
#include <vigra/basicimage.hxx>

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namespace  HuginLines


vigra::BImage HuginLines::edgeMap2linePts (vigra::BImage &input)
 marks line point
int HuginLines::linePts2lineList (vigra::BImage &img, int minsize, double flPix, Lines &lines)
 converts a linePts image to a list of lines

Detailed Description

declaration of find lines algorithm

Thomas K. Sharpless
finds straightish, non-crossing lines in an edge map, using 8-neighborhood operations. This functions are intended to be used inside HuginLines lib, not to be called from outside

Definition in file FindN8Lines.h.

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