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lens_calibrate/Globals.h File Reference

#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "vigra/diff2d.hxx"

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unsigned int verbose
unsigned int resize_dimension
unsigned int detector
unsigned int lens_type
unsigned int current_line
unsigned int optimise_centre
unsigned int optimise_radius
unsigned int poly_type
unsigned int straighten_verts
unsigned int ss
double sensor_width
double sensor_height
double original_width
double original_height
double focal_length
double pixel_density
double focal_length_pixels
double cropFactor
std::string path
std::string format
double sizefactor
double threshold
double bt_threshold
double length_threshold
double min_line_length_squared
double scale
double tscale
double a
double corner_threshold
unsigned int gap_limit
unsigned int horizontal_slices
unsigned int vertical_slices
unsigned int generate_images
std::vector< std::vector<
vigra::Point2D > > 
double sigma
double r
std::map< int, doubleline_errors
std::map< int, doubleline_weights
double RMS_error

Variable Documentation

double a

double bt_threshold

double corner_threshold

double cropFactor

unsigned int current_line

unsigned int detector

double focal_length

double focal_length_pixels

std::string format

unsigned int gap_limit

unsigned int generate_images

unsigned int horizontal_slices

double length_threshold

unsigned int lens_type

std::map<int,double> line_errors

std::map<int,double> line_weights

std::vector<std::vector<vigra::Point2D> > lines

double min_line_length_squared

unsigned int optimise_centre

unsigned int optimise_radius

double original_height

double original_width

std::string path

double pixel_density

unsigned int poly_type

double r

unsigned int resize_dimension

double RMS_error

double scale

double sensor_height

double sensor_width

double sigma

double sizefactor

unsigned int ss

unsigned int straighten_verts

double threshold

double tscale

unsigned int verbose

unsigned int vertical_slices

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