ImageRemapper.h File Reference

#include <panodata/PanoramaData.h>
#include <nona/RemappedPanoImage.h>
#include <vigra_ext/impexalpha.hxx>
#include <vigra/functorexpression.hxx>
#include <vigra_ext/VignettingCorrection.h>

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namespace  HuginBase
namespace  HuginBase::Nona


class  HuginBase::Nona::SingleImageRemapper< ImageType, AlphaType >
 functor to create a remapped image More...
class  HuginBase::Nona::FileRemapper< ImageType, AlphaType >
 functor to create a remapped image, loads image from disk More...


template<class FFType, class SrcIter, class SrcAccessor, class DestIter, class DestAccessor>
void HuginBase::Nona::applyFlatfield (vigra::triple< SrcIter, SrcIter, SrcAccessor > srcImg, vigra::pair< DestIter, DestAccessor > destImg, vigra::ImageImportInfo &ffInfo, double gamma, double gammaMaxVal, bool division, typename vigra::NumericTraits< typename SrcAccessor::value_type >::RealPromote a, typename vigra::NumericTraits< typename SrcAccessor::value_type >::RealPromote b, bool dither)
 load a flatfield image and apply the correction

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