KDTreeImpl.h File Reference

#include "KDTree.h"
#include <limits>
#include <list>
#include <vector>

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namespace  KDTreeSpace


template<class KE, class VTYPE>
bool operator< (const QueueEntry< KE, VTYPE > &iA, const QueueEntry< KE, VTYPE > &iB)
template<class KE>
bool operator> (const BestMatch< KE > &iA, const BestMatch< KE > &iB)

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template<class KE, class VTYPE>
bool operator< const QueueEntry< KE, VTYPE > &  iA,
const QueueEntry< KE, VTYPE > &  iB

Definition at line 507 of file KDTreeImpl.h.

template<class KE>
bool operator> const BestMatch< KE > &  iA,
const BestMatch< KE > &  iB

Definition at line 513 of file KDTreeImpl.h.

References KDTreeSpace::BestMatch< KE >::_distance.

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