KeyPointIO.h File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "KeyPoint.h"
#include "KeyPointDetector.h"

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namespace  lfeat


struct  lfeat::ImageInfo
class  lfeat::KeypointWriter
 Base class for a keypoint writer. More...
class  lfeat::SIFTFormatWriter
class  lfeat::DescPerfFormatWriter
class  lfeat::AutopanoSIFTWriter


ImageInfo LFIMPEX loadKeypoints (const std::string &filename, KeyPointVect_t &insertor)

Function Documentation

ImageInfo lfeat::loadKeypoints const std::string filename,
KeyPointVect_t insertor

Definition at line 87 of file KeyPointIO.cpp.

References identifySIFTKeypoints(), and loadSIFTKeypoints().

Referenced by PanoDetector::LoadKeypoints().

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