MainFrame.h File Reference

#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include <map>
#include "PT/Panorama.h"
#include "wx/docview.h"
#include <appbase/ProgressDisplayOld.h>
#include <appbase/ProgressReporterOld.h>
#include "hugin/OptimizePanel.h"
#include "hugin/PreferencesDialog.h"
#include "Celeste.h"
#include "GuiLevel.h"

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class  PanoDropTarget
 simple class that forward the drop to the mainframe More...
class  MainFrame
 The main window frame. More...


bool getLensDataFromUser (wxWindow *parent, SrcPanoImage &srcImg, double &focalLength, double &cropFactor)

Detailed Description

Pablo d'Angelo <>

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Definition in file MainFrame.h.

Function Documentation

bool getLensDataFromUser wxWindow *  parent,
SrcPanoImage srcImg,
double &  focalLength,
double &  cropFactor

Definition at line 1944 of file MainFrame.cpp.

References HFOVDialog::GetCropFactor(), HFOVDialog::GetSrcImage(), and HuginBase::BaseSrcPanoImage::setExifCropFactor().

Referenced by PT::wxLoadPTProjectCmd::processPanorama(), and PT::wxAddImagesCmd::processPanorama().

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