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hugin1/hugin/MaskImageCtrl.cpp File Reference

implementation of MaskImageCtrl Class More...

#include "panoinc_WX.h"
#include "panoinc.h"
#include "base_wx/platform.h"
#include "hugin/MainFrame.h"
#include "hugin/config_defaults.h"
#include "hugin/MaskImageCtrl.h"
#include "hugin/MaskEditorPanel.h"
#include "base_wx/ImageCache.h"

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const int polygonPointSize = 3
 half size of markers
const int maxSelectionDistance = 20
 maximal distance for selection of one point

Detailed Description

implementation of MaskImageCtrl Class

Thomas Modes

Variable Documentation

const int maxSelectionDistance = 20

maximal distance for selection of one point

const int polygonPointSize = 3

half size of markers

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