Mask.h File Reference

declaration of classes to work with mask More...

#include <hugin_shared.h>
#include "hugin_utils/utils.h"
#include "hugin_math/hugin_math.h"

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namespace  HuginBase
namespace  HuginBase::PTools
namespace  vigra_ext


class  HuginBase::MaskPolygon
 base class, which stores one mask polygon More...


typedef std::vector< hugin_utils::FDiff2DHuginBase::VectorPolygon
 vector, which stores coordinates of one polygon
typedef std::vector< MaskPolygon > HuginBase::MaskPolygonVector


void HuginBase::LoadMaskFromStream (std::istream &stream, vigra::Size2D &imageSize, MaskPolygonVector &newMasks, size_t imgNr)
 load the mask from stream
void HuginBase::SaveMaskToStream (std::ostream &stream, vigra::Size2D imageSize, MaskPolygon &maskToWrite, size_t imgNr)
 save the mask into stream
template<class SrcImageIterator, class SrcAccessor>
void vigra_ext::applyMask (vigra::triple< SrcImageIterator, SrcImageIterator, SrcAccessor > img, HuginBase::MaskPolygonVector masks)


const int HuginBase::maskOffset = 100
 polygon can exceed the image maximal maskOffset pixels in each direction bigger polygons will be clipped after loading

Detailed Description

declaration of classes to work with mask

Thomas Modes

Definition in file Mask.h.

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