MeshManager.h File Reference

#include "panodata/Panorama.h"
#include "MeshRemapper.h"

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class  MeshManager
 A MeshManager handles the graphics system representation of a remapping, by creating OpenGL display lists that draw a remapped image. More...
class  MeshManager::MeshInfo
 Handles the remapper and a display list for a specific image. More...
class  MeshManager::MeshInfo::Coord3D
 a class to handle a 3D point More...
class  MeshManager::MeshInfo::MeshCoords3D
 a class to keep data of a single rectangle with texture coordinates More...
class  MeshManager::PreviewMeshInfo
 subclass of MeshInfo for the preview It actually does nothing in addition to the base class More...
class  MeshManager::PanosphereOverviewMeshInfo
 a subclass for the panosphere it converts coordinates obtained from an equirectangular projection to 3D coordinates on the sphere More...
class  MeshManager::PlaneOverviewMeshInfo
 subclass for the plane overview mode. More...
class  PanosphereOverviewMeshManager
class  PlaneOverviewMeshManager
class  PreviewMeshManager

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James Legg

Darko Makreshanski

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