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hugin_base/panodata/PanoramaVariable.cpp File Reference

#include "PanoramaVariable.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <utility>

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namespace  HuginBase


void fillVariableMap (VariableMap &vars)
 fill map with all image & lens variables
void fillLensVarMap (LensVarMap &variables)
 just lens variables
void printVariableMap (std::ostream &o, const VariableMap &vars)
 print a variable map to o

Function Documentation

IMPEX void HuginBase::fillLensVarMap LensVarMap vars  ) 

just lens variables

IMPEX void HuginBase::fillVariableMap VariableMap vars  ) 

fill map with all image & lens variables

IMPEX void HuginBase::printVariableMap std::ostream &  o,
const VariableMap vars

print a variable map to o

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