ParseExp.h File Reference

function to parse expressions from strings More...

#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
#include <hugin_shared.h>
#include "hugin_config.h"
#include "panodata/Panorama.h"

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namespace  Parser


struct  Parser::ParseVar
 struct to save parsed variables and optional image numbers More...


typedef std::vector< ParseVar > Parser::ParseVarVec


IMPEX bool Parser::ParseVarNumber (const std::string &s, Parser::ParseVar &var)
 parse string s and store result in ParseVar var
void Parser::ParseVariableString (ParseVarVec &parseVec, const std::string &input, std::ostream &errorStream, void(*func)(ParseVarVec &, const std::string &, std::ostream &))
 parse complete variables string
IMPEX void Parser::PanoParseExpression (HuginBase::Panorama &pano, const std::string &expression, std::ostream &statusStream=std::cout, std::ostream &errorStream=std::cerr)
 parses the given expression and apply the changes to the Panorama

Detailed Description

function to parse expressions from strings

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Definition in file ParseExp.h.

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