PluginItems.cpp File Reference

Reading python plugins metadata. More...

#include <wx/wfstream.h>
#include <wx/txtstrm.h>
#include <hugin_version.h>
#include "hugin_utils/alphanum.h"
#include "PluginItems.h"
#include <iostream>

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bool comparePluginItem (PluginItem item1, PluginItem item2)
 compares 2 plugin with category and name
bool compareVersion (wxString v1, wxString v2)

Detailed Description

Reading python plugins metadata.

Y. Levy, T. Modes

Definition in file PluginItems.cpp.

Function Documentation

bool comparePluginItem ( PluginItem  item1,
PluginItem  item2 

compares 2 plugin with category and name

Definition at line 39 of file PluginItems.cpp.

References doj::alphanum_comp(), PluginItem::GetCategory(), and PluginItem::GetName().

Referenced by MainFrame::MainFrame().

bool compareVersion ( wxString  v1,
wxString  v2 

Definition at line 63 of file PluginItems.cpp.

References doj::alphanum_comp().

Referenced by PluginItem::ParseMetadata().

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