StitchWatershed.h File Reference

#include <vigra/seededregiongrowing.hxx>
#include <vigra/convolution.hxx>
#include "vigra_ext/BlendPoisson.h"
#include "openmp_vigra.h"

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namespace  vigra_ext
namespace  vigra_ext::detail


struct  vigra_ext::detail::BuildSeed
struct  vigra_ext::detail::BuildDiff
struct  vigra_ext::detail::CombineMasks
struct  vigra_ext::detail::CombineMasksForPoisson


template<typename t>
double vigra_ext::detail::square (t x)
template<class ImageType>
ImageType vigra_ext::detail::ResizeImage (const ImageType &image, const vigra::Size2D &newSize)
template<class ImageType, class MaskType>
void vigra_ext::MergeImages (ImageType &image1, MaskType &mask1, const ImageType &image2, const MaskType &mask2, const vigra::Diff2D offset, const bool wrap, const bool hardSeam)

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