wxPanoCommand.h File Reference

#include "panotools/PanoToolsUtils.h"
#include "PanoCommand.h"
#include "hugin_shared.h"
#include "hugin/config_defaults.h"
#include "base_wx/platform.h"

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namespace  PanoCommand


struct  PanoCommand::FileIsNewer
class  PanoCommand::wxAddImagesCmd
 add image(s) to a panorama More...
class  PanoCommand::wxLoadPTProjectCmd
 dump the current project and load a new one. More...
class  PanoCommand::wxNewProjectCmd
 start a new project, reset options to values in preferences More...
class  PanoCommand::wxApplyTemplateCmd
 apply a template to a panorama object More...
class  PanoCommand::wxAddCtrlPointGridCmd
 add a control point More...

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