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AppBase::DocumentData Member List

This is the complete list of members for AppBase::DocumentData, including all inherited members.

clearDirty()AppBase::DocumentData [inline, virtual]
INCOMPATIBLE_TYPE enum valueAppBase::DocumentData
INVALID_DATA enum valueAppBase::DocumentData
isDirty() const AppBase::DocumentData [inline, virtual]
PARCER_ERROR enum valueAppBase::DocumentData
readData(std::istream &dataInput, std::string documentType="")=0AppBase::DocumentData [pure virtual]
ReadWriteError enum nameAppBase::DocumentData
setDirty(const bool &dirty=true)AppBase::DocumentData [inline, protected, virtual]
SUCCESSFUL enum valueAppBase::DocumentData
UNKNOWN_ERROR enum valueAppBase::DocumentData
writeData(std::ostream &dataOutput, std::string documentType="")=0AppBase::DocumentData [pure virtual]
~DocumentData()AppBase::DocumentData [inline, virtual]

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