AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack Class Reference

A matcher for multi-rows, which considers stacks. More...

#include <AutoCtrlPointCreator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack ()
virtual ~AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack ()
virtual HuginBase::CPVector automatch (CPDetectorSetting &setting, HuginBase::Panorama &pano, const HuginBase::UIntSet &imgs, int nFeatures, int &ret_value, wxWindow *parent=NULL)
 Do cp matching, calles the right routines, based on the matcher selected.

Detailed Description

A matcher for multi-rows, which considers stacks.

Definition at line 135 of file AutoCtrlPointCreator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack::AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack (  )  [inline]


Definition at line 141 of file AutoCtrlPointCreator.h.

virtual AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack::~AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack (  )  [inline, virtual]


Definition at line 145 of file AutoCtrlPointCreator.h.

Member Function Documentation

HuginBase::CPVector AutoPanoSiftMultiRowStack::automatch ( CPDetectorSetting setting,
HuginBase::Panorama pano,
const HuginBase::UIntSet imgs,
int  nFeatures,
int &  ret_value,
wxWindow *  parent = NULL 
) [virtual]

Do cp matching, calles the right routines, based on the matcher selected.

Reimplemented from AutoCtrlPointCreator.

Definition at line 1012 of file AutoCtrlPointCreator.cpp.

References AddControlPointsWithCheck(), AutoPanoSiftMultiRow::automatch(), AutoCtrlPointCreator::Cleanup(), CPDetector_AutoPanoSift, fill_set(), CPDetectorSetting::GetArgsStack(), HuginBase::Panorama::getImage(), HuginBase::Panorama::getNrOfImages(), CPDetectorSetting::GetProgStack(), HuginBase::StandardImageVariableGroups::getStacks(), HuginBase::Panorama::getSubset(), and sort_img_ev().

Referenced by AutoCtrlPointCreator::automatch().

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