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Batch Class Reference

#include <Batch.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Batch (wxFrame *parent, wxString path, bool bgui)
void AddAppToBatch (wxString app)
void AddProjectToBatch (wxString projectFile, wxString outputFile=_T(""))
bool AllDone ()
void AppendBatchFile (wxString file)
void CancelBatch ()
void CancelProject (int index)
void ChangePrefix (int index, wxString newPrefix)
bool CheckProjectExistence ()
int ClearBatch ()
bool CompareProjectsInLists (int stitchListIndex, int batchListIndex)
int GetFirstAvailable ()
int GetIndex (int id)
ProjectGetProject (int index)
int GetProjectCount ()
int GetProjectCountByPath (wxString path)
int GetRunningCount ()
Project::Status GetStatus (int index)
bool IsPaused ()
const wxString GetLastFile ()
wxDateTime GetLastFileDate ()
void ListBatch ()
int LoadBatchFile (wxString file)
int LoadTemp ()
bool NoErrors ()
void OnProcessTerminate (wxProcessEvent &event)
bool OnStitch (wxString scriptFile, wxString outname, int id)
void PauseBatch ()
void RemoveProject (int id)
void RemoveProjectAtIndex (int selIndex)
void RunBatch ()
void RunNextInBatch ()
void SaveBatchFile (wxString file)
void SaveTemp ()
void SetStatus (int index, Project::Status status)
void SwapProject (int index)
void ShowOutput (bool isVisible=true)
 Set visibility of all running projects.

Public Attributes

bool parallel
bool deleteFiles
bool shutdown
bool overwrite
bool verbose
bool gui

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Batch::Batch wxFrame *  parent,
wxString  path,
bool  bgui

Member Function Documentation

void Batch::AddAppToBatch wxString  app  ) 

void Batch::AddProjectToBatch wxString  projectFile,
wxString  outputFile = _T("")

bool Batch::AllDone  ) 

void Batch::AppendBatchFile wxString  file  ) 

void Batch::CancelBatch  ) 

void Batch::CancelProject int  index  ) 

void Batch::ChangePrefix int  index,
wxString  newPrefix

bool Batch::CheckProjectExistence  ) 

int Batch::ClearBatch  ) 

bool Batch::CompareProjectsInLists int  stitchListIndex,
int  batchListIndex

int Batch::GetFirstAvailable  ) 

int Batch::GetIndex int  id  ) 

const wxString Batch::GetLastFile  )  [inline]

wxDateTime Batch::GetLastFileDate  )  [inline]

Project * Batch::GetProject int  index  ) 

int Batch::GetProjectCount  ) 

int Batch::GetProjectCountByPath wxString  path  ) 

int Batch::GetRunningCount  ) 

Project::Status Batch::GetStatus int  index  ) 

bool Batch::IsPaused  ) 

void Batch::ListBatch  ) 

int Batch::LoadBatchFile wxString  file  ) 

int Batch::LoadTemp  ) 

bool Batch::NoErrors  ) 

void Batch::OnProcessTerminate wxProcessEvent &  event  ) 

bool Batch::OnStitch wxString  scriptFile,
wxString  outname,
int  id

void Batch::PauseBatch  ) 

void Batch::RemoveProject int  id  ) 

void Batch::RemoveProjectAtIndex int  selIndex  ) 

void Batch::RunBatch  ) 

void Batch::RunNextInBatch  ) 

void Batch::SaveBatchFile wxString  file  ) 

void Batch::SaveTemp  ) 

void Batch::SetStatus int  index,
Project::Status  status

void Batch::ShowOutput bool  isVisible = true  ) 

Set visibility of all running projects.

isVisible If true display the project output, otherwise hide it.

void Batch::SwapProject int  index  ) 

Member Data Documentation

bool Batch::deleteFiles

bool Batch::gui

bool Batch::overwrite

bool Batch::parallel

bool Batch::shutdown

bool Batch::verbose

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