BatchIPCConnection Class Reference

class for communication between different PTBatcherGUI instances More...

#include <PTBatcherGUI.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual wxChar * OnRequest (const wxString &topic, const wxString &item, int *size=NULL, wxIPCFormat format=wxIPC_TEXT)
 request handler for transfer

Detailed Description

class for communication between different PTBatcherGUI instances

this class is used to transfer the commandline parameters of the second instance of PTBatcherGUI to the first and only running instance of PTBatcherGUI

Definition at line 54 of file PTBatcherGUI.h.

Member Function Documentation

wxChar * BatchIPCConnection::OnRequest ( const wxString &  topic,
const wxString &  item,
int *  size = NULL,
wxIPCFormat  format = wxIPC_TEXT 
) [virtual]

request handler for transfer

Definition at line 472 of file PTBatcherGUI.cpp.

References BatchFrame::AddToList(), BatchFrame::ChangePrefix(), Project::DETECTING, BatchFrame::GetCheckOverwrite(), BatchFrame::GetCheckParallel(), BatchFrame::GetCheckShutdown(), BatchFrame::GetCheckVerbose(), BatchFrame::OnCheckOverwrite(), BatchFrame::OnCheckParallel(), BatchFrame::OnCheckShutdown(), BatchFrame::OnCheckVerbose(), RETURNEMPTYSTRING, and BatchFrame::SetCheckboxes().

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