CPEvent Member List

This is the complete list of members for CPEvent, including all inherited members.

CANCELED enum valueCPEvent [private]
Clone() const CPEvent [virtual]
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, CPEventMode mode)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, hugin_utils::FDiff2D &p)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, unsigned int cpNr)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, unsigned int cpNr, const hugin_utils::FDiff2D &p)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, const hugin_utils::FDiff2D &p1, const hugin_utils::FDiff2D &p2)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, CPEventMode mode, const hugin_utils::FDiff2D &p)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, CPEventMode mode, const HuginBase::ControlPoint cp)CPEvent
CPEvent(wxWindow *win, CPEventMode mode, size_t cpNr, const HuginBase::ControlPoint cp)CPEvent
CPEventMode enum nameCPEvent [private]
DELETE_REGION_SELECTED enum valueCPEvent [private]
getControlPoint()CPEvent [inline]
getMode()CPEvent [inline]
getPoint()CPEvent [inline]
getPointNr()CPEvent [inline]
getRect()CPEvent [inline]
m_cpCPEvent [private]
modeCPEvent [private]
NEW_LINE_ADDED enum valueCPEvent [private]
NEW_POINT_CHANGED enum valueCPEvent [private]
NONE enum valueCPEvent [private]
pointCPEvent [private]
POINT_CHANGED enum valueCPEvent [private]
POINT_SELECTED enum valueCPEvent [private]
pointNrCPEvent [private]
regionCPEvent [private]
RIGHT_CLICK enum valueCPEvent [private]
SCROLLED enum valueCPEvent [private]

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