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CPZoomDisplayPanel Class Reference

Display a zoomed control point, undistorted to the middle of the image. More...

#include <CPZoomDisplayPanel.h>

Inheritance diagram for CPZoomDisplayPanel:

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Public Member Functions

 CPZoomDisplayPanel (wxWindow *parent, PT::Panorama &pano)
virtual ~CPZoomDisplayPanel ()
void SetPoint (const FDiff2D &point)
 set the point of interest, updates the display accordingly
void SetImage (unsigned int imgNr)
 set image number.
void Clear ()
void OnRedraw (wxPaintEvent &e)
void OnSize (wxSizeEvent &e)

Protected Member Functions

void updateInternal ()
void OnDraw (wxDC &dc)
void OnLMB (wxMouseEvent &e)

Protected Attributes

bool m_validPoint
bool m_validImg
wxBitmap m_bitmap
FDiff2D m_point
unsigned int m_imgNr
PTools::Transform m_t_img2center
PTools::Transform m_t_center2img

Detailed Description

Display a zoomed control point, undistorted to the middle of the image.

Can be used to display the images, and move the point.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPZoomDisplayPanel::CPZoomDisplayPanel wxWindow *  parent,
PT::Panorama pano


CPZoomDisplayPanel::~CPZoomDisplayPanel  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::Clear  )  [inline]

CPZoomDisplayPanel::DECLARE_EVENT_TABLE  )  [protected]

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::OnDraw wxDC &  dc  )  [protected]

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::OnLMB wxMouseEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::OnRedraw wxPaintEvent &  e  ) 

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::OnSize wxSizeEvent &  e  ) 

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::SetImage unsigned int  imgNr  )  [inline]

set image number.

does not update display, a setPoint() call is needed for that.

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::SetPoint const FDiff2D point  )  [inline]

set the point of interest, updates the display accordingly

void CPZoomDisplayPanel::updateInternal  )  [protected]

Member Data Documentation

wxBitmap CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_bitmap [protected]

unsigned int CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_imgNr [protected]

PT::Panorama& CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_pano [protected]

FDiff2D CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_point [protected]

PTools::Transform CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_t_center2img [protected]

PTools::Transform CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_t_img2center [protected]

bool CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_validImg [protected]

bool CPZoomDisplayPanel::m_validPoint [protected]

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