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subclass for the preview canvas More...

#include <GLRenderer.h>

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 GLPreviewRenderer (PT::Panorama *pano, TextureManager *tex_man, MeshManager *mesh_man, VisualizationState *visualization_state, PreviewToolHelper *tool_helper, const wxColour backgroundColour)
vigra::Diff2D Resize (int width, int height)
 Resize the viewport because the window's dimensions have changed.
void Redraw ()

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Detailed Description

subclass for the preview canvas

Definition at line 84 of file GLRenderer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLPreviewRenderer::GLPreviewRenderer PT::Panorama pano,
TextureManager tex_man,
MeshManager mesh_man,
VisualizationState visualization_state,
PreviewToolHelper tool_helper,
const wxColour  backgroundColour

Definition at line 68 of file GLRenderer.cpp.

References m_visualization_state.

Member Function Documentation

void GLPreviewRenderer::Redraw  )  [virtual]

Implements GLRenderer.

Definition at line 145 of file GLRenderer.cpp.

References ToolHelper::AfterDrawImageNumber(), ToolHelper::AfterDrawImages(), ToolHelper::BeforeDrawImageNumber(), ToolHelper::BeforeDrawImages(), TextureManager::Begin(), TextureManager::DisableTexture(), TextureManager::DrawImage(), TextureManager::End(), MeshManager::GetDisplayList(), HuginBase::Panorama::getImage(), HuginBase::Panorama::getNrOfImages(), ViewState::GetOptions(), HuginBase::PanoramaOptions::getROI(), VisualizationState::getViewState(), and m_visualization_state.

vigra::Diff2D GLPreviewRenderer::Resize int  width,
int  height

Resize the viewport because the window's dimensions have changed.

the number of screen pixels from the corner of the widget to the start of the panorma, both horizontally and vertically.
width the width of the widget in screen pixels.
height the height of the widget in screen pixels.

Implements GLRenderer.

Definition at line 102 of file GLRenderer.cpp.

References HuginBase::PanoramaOptions::getHeight(), ViewState::GetOptions(), VisualizationState::getViewState(), HuginBase::PanoramaOptions::getWidth(), m_visualization_state, VisualizationState::SetScale(), and VisualizationState::SetVisibleArea().

Member Data Documentation

VisualizationState* GLPreviewRenderer::m_visualization_state [protected]

Definition at line 95 of file GLRenderer.h.

Referenced by GLPreviewRenderer(), Redraw(), and Resize().

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