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HuginBase::PanoImage Class Reference

This class holds an source image. More...

#include <PanoImage.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 PanoImage ()
 PanoImage (const std::string &filename, int width, int height, int lens)
virtual ~PanoImage ()
virtual const char * isA () const
std::string getFilename () const
void setFilename (const std::string &fn)
const ImageOptionsgetOptions () const
void setOptions (const ImageOptions &opt)
unsigned int getHeight () const
unsigned int getWidth () const
void setLensNr (const unsigned int &l)
unsigned int getLensNr () const
void setSize (const vigra::Size2D &sz)
void setFeatherWidth (const unsigned int &w)
const std::vector< Keypoint > & getKeypoints () const
void setKeypoints (const std::vector< Keypoint > &keypoints)

Detailed Description

This class holds an source image.

It contains information about its settings for the panorama.

An image should not depend on the panorama.

This is depreciated, use SrcPanoImage instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PanoImage::PanoImage  ) 

PanoImage::PanoImage const std::string &  filename,
int  width,
int  height,
int  lens

PanoImage::~PanoImage  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

std::string HuginBase::PanoImage::getFilename  )  const [inline]

unsigned int HuginBase::PanoImage::getHeight  )  const [inline]

const std::vector<Keypoint>& HuginBase::PanoImage::getKeypoints  )  const [inline]

unsigned int HuginBase::PanoImage::getLensNr  )  const [inline]

const ImageOptions& HuginBase::PanoImage::getOptions  )  const [inline]

unsigned int HuginBase::PanoImage::getWidth  )  const [inline]

virtual const char* HuginBase::PanoImage::isA  )  const [inline, virtual]

void HuginBase::PanoImage::setFeatherWidth const unsigned int &  w  )  [inline]

void HuginBase::PanoImage::setFilename const std::string &  fn  )  [inline]

void HuginBase::PanoImage::setKeypoints const std::vector< Keypoint > &  keypoints  )  [inline]

void HuginBase::PanoImage::setLensNr const unsigned int &  l  )  [inline]

void HuginBase::PanoImage::setOptions const ImageOptions opt  )  [inline]

void HuginBase::PanoImage::setSize const vigra::Size2D &  sz  )  [inline]

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