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HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager Class Reference

#include <HuginDocumentViewManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HuginDocumentViewManager (const HuginDocumentViewLayout &layout, QADocument *parent=NULL)
virtual ~HuginDocumentViewManager ()
virtual void addModuleView (QWidget *view, const QString &viewID)
virtual void addUtilityViewToModuleView (const QString &moduleViewID, QWidget *view, const QString &utilViewID)
virtual void layoutViews ()
virtual QWidget * viewForID (QString viewID)
virtual QMap< QString, QWidget * > allModuleViews ()
virtual QMap< QString, QWidget * > allUtilityViewsForView (QString viewID)
virtual void showDocumentWindows ()
virtual void closeDocumentWindows ()
virtual void activateDocumentWindows ()
virtual void raiseView (QString viewID)
virtual void lockView (const QString &viewID)
virtual void lockAllViews ()
virtual void unlockView (const QString &viewID)
virtual void unlockAllViews ()
virtual void activateUtilityView (const QString &utilViewID)
virtual void minimizeUtilityView (const QString &utilViewID)
virtual bool isLocked (const QString &viewID)
virtual int execDocumentModalDialog (QDialog *dialog)
virtual int showDocumentModalDialog (QDialog *dialog)

Public Attributes

public slot: virtual void raiseDocumentWindows()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::HuginDocumentViewManager const HuginDocumentViewLayout layout,
QADocument *  parent = NULL

virtual HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::~HuginDocumentViewManager  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::activateDocumentWindows  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::activateUtilityView const QString &  utilViewID  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::addModuleView QWidget *  view,
const QString &  viewID

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::addUtilityViewToModuleView const QString &  moduleViewID,
QWidget *  view,
const QString &  utilViewID

virtual QMap<QString, QWidget*> HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::allModuleViews  )  [virtual]

virtual QMap<QString, QWidget*> HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::allUtilityViewsForView QString  viewID  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::closeDocumentWindows  )  [virtual]

virtual int HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::execDocumentModalDialog QDialog *  dialog  )  [virtual]

virtual bool HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::isLocked const QString &  viewID  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::layoutViews  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::lockAllViews  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::lockView const QString &  viewID  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::minimizeUtilityView const QString &  utilViewID  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::raiseView QString  viewID  )  [virtual]

virtual int HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::showDocumentModalDialog QDialog *  dialog  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::showDocumentWindows  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::unlockAllViews  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::unlockView const QString &  viewID  )  [virtual]

virtual QWidget* HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::viewForID QString  viewID  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

public HuginQt::HuginDocumentViewManager::slot

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