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HuginQt::PanoramaDocument Class Reference

#include <PanoramaDocument.qt.h>

Inheritance diagram for HuginQt::PanoramaDocument:

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Public Member Functions

 PanoramaDocument (QADocumentController *parent=NULL)
 PanoramaDocument (QString filePath, QADocumentController *parent=NULL)
 PanoramaDocument (QString filePath, QAFiletype fileType, QADocumentController *parent=NULL)
virtual ~PanoramaDocument ()
virtual QADocumentTemplate * documentTemplate ()
virtual AppBase::DocumentDatadocumentData ()
virtual HuginBase::PanoramaDatapanoramaData ()
virtual void panoramaChanged (PanoramaData &pano)
 Notification about a Panorama change.
virtual void panoramaImagesChanged (PanoramaData &pano, const HuginBase::UIntSet &changed)

Public Attributes

public signal: virtual void panoramaImagesChanged(const HuginBase::UIntSet& changed)

Protected Member Functions

bool setContentsToFile (const QString &filePath, const QAFiletype &fileType)
virtual bool saveToPath (QString path, QAFiletype filetype)
virtual bool revertDocumentToFile (QString path)

Protected Attributes

HuginBase::Panorama o_panorama

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::PanoramaDocument QADocumentController *  parent = NULL  ) 

HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::PanoramaDocument QString  filePath,
QADocumentController *  parent = NULL

HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::PanoramaDocument QString  filePath,
QAFiletype  fileType,
QADocumentController *  parent = NULL

virtual HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::~PanoramaDocument  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual AppBase::DocumentData* HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::documentData  )  [virtual]

virtual QADocumentTemplate* HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::documentTemplate  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::panoramaChanged PanoramaData &  pano  )  [virtual]

Notification about a Panorama change.

This function will always be called, even when the change could be handled by panoramaImageAdded() or other notify functions.

This allows lazy observers to just listen to panoramaChanged().

Implements HuginBase::PanoramaObserver.

virtual HuginBase::PanoramaData* HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::panoramaData  )  [virtual]

virtual void HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::panoramaImagesChanged PanoramaData &  pano,
const HuginBase::UIntSet changed

virtual bool HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::revertDocumentToFile QString  path  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual bool HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::saveToPath QString  path,
QAFiletype  filetype
[protected, virtual]

bool HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::setContentsToFile const QString &  filePath,
const QAFiletype &  fileType

Member Data Documentation

HuginBase::Panorama HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::o_panorama [protected]

public HuginQt::PanoramaDocument::signal

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