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ImagesList Class Reference

multi use list. More...

#include <ImagesList.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ImagesList ()
bool Create (wxWindow *parent, wxWindowID id=wxID_ANY, const wxPoint &pos=wxDefaultPosition, const wxSize &size=wxDefaultSize, long style=wxTAB_TRAVERSAL, const wxString &name=wxT("panel"))
void Init (PT::Panorama *pano)
virtual ~ImagesList (void)
void panoramaImagesChanged (PT::Panorama &pano, const PT::UIntSet &imgNr)
 receive the update signal and update display accordingly
virtual void CreateItem (unsigned int imgNr)
 create an list item for imgNr
virtual void UpdateItem (unsigned int imgNr)
 update the information in an already existing list item
virtual void UpdatePartNumbersForItem (unsigned int imgNr)
 Update the part numbers (e.g.
virtual void RemoveItem (unsigned int imgNr)
 remove an existing list item
void SelectSingleImage (unsigned int imgNr)
 Select an image.
const UIntSetGetSelected () const
 get the currently selected images

Protected Member Functions

void OnItemSelected (wxListEvent &e)
void OnItemDeselected (wxListEvent &e)
void OnColumnWidthChange (wxListEvent &e)

Protected Attributes

UIntSet selectedItems
 create icons for an image
wxImageList * m_smallIcons
int m_iconHeight
int m_degDigits
int m_distDigits
int m_pixelDigits
bool m_notifyParents
wxString m_configClassName

Detailed Description

multi use list.

This list shall contain the overall handling of datas in lists, moving selecting, drag'n drop

the special layouts are realized with subclasses and not implemented in the base class. Subclasses can override CreateItem(), UpdateItem() and RemoveItem() to customize the layout.

They can also handle the list events, for example if they want to veto a selection.

parent controls can use EVT_LIST_ITEM_SELECTED(id, func) EVT_LIST_ITEM_DESELECTED(id, func) to get notified when the selection changes. WARNING: Do not read the event in the parent control, just use GetSelected()!

make the listcontents editable -> wxListCtrl->wxGrid?

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ImagesList::ImagesList  ) 

ImagesList::~ImagesList void   )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

bool ImagesList::Create wxWindow *  parent,
wxWindowID  id = wxID_ANY,
const wxPoint &  pos = wxDefaultPosition,
const wxSize &  size = wxDefaultSize,
long  style = wxTAB_TRAVERSAL,
const wxString &  name = wxT("panel")

Reimplemented in ImagesListImage, ImagesListLens, ImagesListCrop, and ImagesListMask.

void ImagesList::CreateItem unsigned int  imgNr  )  [virtual]

create an list item for imgNr

This creates the list item and calles UpdateItem(imgNr) to fill it with information usually, just UpdateItem needs to be overridden by base classes

const UIntSet & ImagesList::GetSelected  )  const

get the currently selected images

void ImagesList::Init PT::Panorama panorama  ) 

Reimplemented in ImagesListImage, ImagesListLens, ImagesListCrop, and ImagesListMask.

void ImagesList::OnColumnWidthChange wxListEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void ImagesList::OnItemDeselected wxListEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void ImagesList::OnItemSelected wxListEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void ImagesList::panoramaImagesChanged PT::Panorama pano,
const PT::UIntSet imgNr

receive the update signal and update display accordingly

void ImagesList::RemoveItem unsigned int  imgNr  )  [virtual]

remove an existing list item

just calles wxListCtrl::DeleteItem, but might be overriden to release ressources associated with the item

void ImagesList::SelectSingleImage unsigned int  imgNr  ) 

Select an image.

selects image imgNr, and deselects all other images

void ImagesList::UpdateItem unsigned int  imgNr  )  [virtual]

update the information in an already existing list item

Reimplemented in ImagesListImage, ImagesListLens, ImagesListCrop, and ImagesListMask.

void ImagesList::UpdatePartNumbersForItem unsigned int  imgNr  )  [virtual]

Update the part numbers (e.g.

Lens number) in an already existing list item.

Needed as the part numbers can change without the rest of the image

Reimplemented in ImagesListImage, and ImagesListLens.

Member Data Documentation

wxString ImagesList::m_configClassName [protected]

int ImagesList::m_degDigits [protected]

int ImagesList::m_distDigits [protected]

int ImagesList::m_iconHeight [protected]

bool ImagesList::m_notifyParents [protected]

int ImagesList::m_pixelDigits [protected]

wxImageList* ImagesList::m_smallIcons [protected]

Panorama* ImagesList::pano [protected]

UIntSet ImagesList::selectedItems [protected]

create icons for an image

HuginBase::StandardImageVariableGroups* ImagesList::variable_groups [protected]

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