LensCalApp Class Reference

The application class for lens_calibrate_gui . More...

#include <LensCalApp.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool OnInit ()
wxLocale & GetLocale ()
 return currently active locale
const wxString & GetXRCPath ()
 return the current xrc path
LensCalFrameGetLensCalFrame ()
 returns pointer to main frame

Private Attributes

wxLocale locale
 locale for internationalisation
wxString m_xrcPrefix

Detailed Description

The application class for lens_calibrate_gui .

Definition at line 42 of file LensCalApp.h.

Member Function Documentation

LensCalFrame* LensCalApp::GetLensCalFrame (  )  [inline]

returns pointer to main frame

Definition at line 65 of file LensCalApp.h.

References m_frame.

wxLocale& LensCalApp::GetLocale (  )  [inline]

return currently active locale

Definition at line 55 of file LensCalApp.h.

References locale.

const wxString& LensCalApp::GetXRCPath (  )  [inline]

return the current xrc path

Definition at line 60 of file LensCalApp.h.

References m_xrcPrefix.

bool LensCalApp::OnInit (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 49 of file LensCalApp.cpp.

References DEBUG_TRACE, HUGIN_LANGUAGE, registerPTWXDlgFcn(), and RestoreFramePosition().

Member Data Documentation

wxLocale LensCalApp::locale [private]

locale for internationalisation

Definition at line 68 of file LensCalApp.h.

Referenced by GetLocale().

LensCalFrame* LensCalApp::m_frame [private]

Definition at line 74 of file LensCalApp.h.

Referenced by GetLensCalFrame().

wxString LensCalApp::m_xrcPrefix [private]

Definition at line 73 of file LensCalApp.h.

Referenced by GetXRCPath().

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