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MainFrame Class Reference

The main window frame. More...

#include <MainFrame.h>

Inheritance diagram for MainFrame:

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Public Member Functions

 MainFrame (wxWindow *parent, PT::Panorama &pano)
virtual ~MainFrame ()
void panoramaImagesChanged (PT::Panorama &pano, const PT::UIntSet &imgNr)
 this is called whenever the panorama has changed.
void ShowCtrlPoint (unsigned int cpNr)
const wxString & GetXRCPath ()
 get the path to the xrc directory
void OnTipOfDay (wxCommandEvent &e)
void LoadProjectFile (const wxString &filename)
void RestoreLayout ()
void RestoreLayoutOnNextResize ()
 hack to restore the layout on next resize
bool CloseProject (bool cnacelable)
void OnOptimize (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnDoStitch (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnTogglePreviewFrame (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnToggleGLPreviewFrame (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnAddImages (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnSaveProject (wxCommandEvent &e)
void ShowCtrlPointEditor (unsigned int img1, unsigned int img2)
void resetProgress (double max)
bool increaseProgress (double delta)
bool increaseProgress (double delta, const std::string &msg)
void setMessage (const std::string &msg)
void OnCPListFrameClosed ()
CPDetectorSettingGetDefaultSetting ()
 returns default cp detector setting
wxString getProjectName ()

Static Public Member Functions

MainFrameGet ()
 hack.. kind of a pseudo singleton...

Protected Member Functions

void updateProgressDisplay ()
 receive notification about progress.

Detailed Description

The main window frame.

It contains the menu & statusbar and a big notebook with the different tabs. It also holds the Panorama model.

it therefor also hold operations that determine the lifecycle of the panorama object (new, open, save, quit).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MainFrame::MainFrame wxWindow *  parent,
PT::Panorama pano


MainFrame::~MainFrame  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

bool MainFrame::CloseProject bool  cnacelable  ) 

MainFrame * MainFrame::Get  )  [static]

hack.. kind of a pseudo singleton...

CPDetectorSetting & MainFrame::GetDefaultSetting  ) 

returns default cp detector setting

wxString MainFrame::getProjectName  ) 

const wxString & MainFrame::GetXRCPath  ) 

get the path to the xrc directory

bool MainFrame::increaseProgress double  delta,
const std::string &  msg

bool MainFrame::increaseProgress double  delta  ) 

void MainFrame::LoadProjectFile const wxString &  filename  ) 

void MainFrame::OnAddImages wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::OnCPListFrameClosed  ) 

void MainFrame::OnDoStitch wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::OnOptimize wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::OnSaveProject wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::OnTipOfDay wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::OnToggleGLPreviewFrame wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::OnTogglePreviewFrame wxCommandEvent &  e  ) 

void MainFrame::panoramaImagesChanged PT::Panorama pano,
const PT::UIntSet imgNr

this is called whenever the panorama has changed.

This function must now update all the gui representations of the panorama to display the new state.

Functions that change the panororama must not update the GUI directly. The GUI should always be updated to reflect the current panorama state in this function.

This avoids unnessecary close coupling between the controller and the view (even if they sometimes are in the same object). See model view controller pattern.

void MainFrame::resetProgress double  max  ) 

void MainFrame::RestoreLayout  ) 

void MainFrame::RestoreLayoutOnNextResize  ) 

hack to restore the layout on next resize

void MainFrame::setMessage const std::string &  msg  ) 

void MainFrame::ShowCtrlPoint unsigned int  cpNr  ) 

void MainFrame::ShowCtrlPointEditor unsigned int  img1,
unsigned int  img2

void MainFrame::updateProgressDisplay  )  [protected]

receive notification about progress.

Should not be called directly.

msg message text
progress optional progress indicator (0-100)

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