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PGMImage Member List

This is the complete list of members for PGMImage, including all inherited members.

Allocate(int dataset)ImageFile
GetHeight()ImageFile [inline]
GetPixel(int x, int y)ImageFile
GetRGBPixels(void)ImageFile [inline]
GetWidth()ImageFile [inline]
mFloatsImageFile [protected]
mHeightImageFile [protected]
mPixelsImageFile [protected]
mRGBImageFile [protected]
mVerbosityImageFile [protected]
mWidthImageFile [protected]
PGMImage()PGMImage [inline]
PGMImage(char *file)PGMImage [inline]
Read(char *)PGMImage [virtual]
SetHeight(int h)ImageFile [inline]
SetPixel(int x, int y, unsigned char p)ImageFile [inline]
SetPixels(float **)ImageFile
SetWidth(int w)ImageFile [inline]
Write(char *)PGMImage [virtual]
Write(char *, float **, int, int)PGMImage
Write(char *, float ***, int, int)PGMImage
Write(char *, float **, int, int, int)PGMImage
WriteScaled(char *filename, float **output, int height, int width)PGMImage
~ImageFile()ImageFile [virtual]
~PGMImage()PGMImage [inline, virtual]

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