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PTBatcherGUI Class Reference

The application class for hugin_stitch_project. More...

#include <PTBatcherGUI.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool OnInit ()
 pseudo constructor.
virtual int OnExit ()
void OnItemActivated (wxListEvent &event)
void OnKeyDown (wxKeyEvent &event)
BatchFrameGetFrame ()

Public Attributes

ProjectArray projList
FrameArray stitchFrames

Detailed Description

The application class for hugin_stitch_project.

it contains the main frame.

Member Function Documentation

BatchFrame* PTBatcherGUI::GetFrame  )  [inline]

int PTBatcherGUI::OnExit  )  [virtual]

virtual bool PTBatcherGUI::OnInit  )  [virtual]

pseudo constructor.

with the ability to fail gracefully.

void PTBatcherGUI::OnItemActivated wxListEvent &  event  ) 

void PTBatcherGUI::OnKeyDown wxKeyEvent &  event  ) 

Member Data Documentation

ProjectArray PTBatcherGUI::projList

FrameArray PTBatcherGUI::stitchFrames

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