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PreviewFrame Class Reference

The image preview frame. More...

#include <PreviewFrame.h>

Inheritance diagram for PreviewFrame:

Inheritance graph
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Public Member Functions

 PreviewFrame (wxFrame *frame, PT::Panorama &pano)
virtual ~PreviewFrame ()
void panoramaChanged (PT::Panorama &pano)
void panoramaImagesChanged (PT::Panorama &pano, const PT::UIntSet &changed)
void OnUpdate (wxCommandEvent &event)
void updateProgressDisplay ()
 update the display

Protected Member Functions

void OnClose (wxCloseEvent &e)
void OnChangeDisplayedImgs (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnAutoPreviewToggle (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnCenterHorizontally (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnFitPano (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnStraighten (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnShowAll (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnShowNone (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnNumTransform (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnChangeFOV (wxScrollEvent &e)
void OnTextCtrlChanged (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnDefaultExposure (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnDecreaseExposure (wxSpinEvent &e)
void OnIncreaseExposure (wxSpinEvent &e)
void OnProjParameterReset (wxCommandEvent &e)
 event handler for reset projection parameters
void OnBlendChoice (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnProjectionChoice (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnOutputChoice (wxCommandEvent &e)
void OnFullScreen (wxCommandEvent &e)
 event handler for full screen
void OnUndo (wxCommandEvent &e)
 event handler for undo
void OnRedo (wxCommandEvent &e)
 event handler for redo
void updatePano ()

Detailed Description

The image preview frame.

Contains the ImagePreviewPanel and various controls for it.

it is not created with XRC, because it is highly dynamic, buttons have to be added etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PreviewFrame::PreviewFrame wxFrame *  frame,
PT::Panorama pano


PreviewFrame::~PreviewFrame  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void PreviewFrame::OnAutoPreviewToggle wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnBlendChoice wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnCenterHorizontally wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnChangeDisplayedImgs wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnChangeFOV wxScrollEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnClose wxCloseEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnDecreaseExposure wxSpinEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnDefaultExposure wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnFitPano wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnFullScreen wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

event handler for full screen

void PreviewFrame::OnIncreaseExposure wxSpinEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnNumTransform wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnOutputChoice wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnProjectionChoice wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnProjParameterReset wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

event handler for reset projection parameters

void PreviewFrame::OnRedo wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

event handler for redo

void PreviewFrame::OnShowAll wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnShowNone wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnStraighten wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnTextCtrlChanged wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::OnUndo wxCommandEvent &  e  )  [protected]

event handler for undo

void PreviewFrame::OnUpdate wxCommandEvent &  event  ) 

void PreviewFrame::panoramaChanged PT::Panorama pano  ) 

void PreviewFrame::panoramaImagesChanged PT::Panorama pano,
const PT::UIntSet changed

void PreviewFrame::updatePano  )  [protected]

void PreviewFrame::updateProgressDisplay  ) 

update the display

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