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#include <MeshManager.h>

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 PreviewMeshManager (HuginBase::Panorama *pano, VisualizationState *visualization_state)
MeshInfo::MeshCoords3D GetMeshCoords3D (MeshRemapper::Coords &coords)
MeshInfo::Coord3D GetCoord3D (hugin_utils::FDiff2D &coord)
MeshInfo * ObtainMeshInfo (HuginBase::SrcPanoImage *, bool layout_mode_on)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 252 of file MeshManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PreviewMeshManager::PreviewMeshManager ( HuginBase::Panorama pano,
VisualizationState visualization_state 
) [inline]

Definition at line 255 of file MeshManager.h.

Member Function Documentation

MeshInfo::Coord3D PreviewMeshManager::GetCoord3D ( hugin_utils::FDiff2D coord  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements MeshManager.

Definition at line 257 of file MeshManager.h.

References MeshManager::PreviewMeshInfo::GetCoord3D(), and MeshManager::visualization_state.

MeshInfo::MeshCoords3D PreviewMeshManager::GetMeshCoords3D ( MeshRemapper::Coords coords  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements MeshManager.

Definition at line 256 of file MeshManager.h.

References MeshManager::PreviewMeshInfo::GetMeshCoords3D(), and MeshManager::visualization_state.

MeshManager::MeshInfo * PreviewMeshManager::ObtainMeshInfo ( HuginBase::SrcPanoImage ,
bool  layout_mode_on 
) [virtual]

Implements MeshManager.

Definition at line 440 of file MeshManager.cpp.

References MeshManager::m_pano, and MeshManager::visualization_state.

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