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QtAppBase::QADocument Class Reference

#include <QADocument.qt.h>

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Public Slots

virtual bool save ()
virtual bool saveAs ()
virtual bool revert ()
virtual bool askAndClose (bool cancellable=true)

Public Member Functions

 QADocument (QADocumentController *parent=NULL)
virtual ~QADocument ()
virtual openFile (QString filePath, QAFiletype fileType=QADefaultFiletype())
virtual show ()
virtual QADocumentTemplatedocumentTemplate ()=0
void setDocumentController (QADocumentController *controller)
QADocumentControllerdocumentController ()
virtual QString filePath () const
virtual void setFilePath (QString newPath)
virtual bool fileName () const
virtual bool fileExsists () const
virtual QAFiletype filetype () const
virtual void setFileType (const QAFiletype &filetype)
virtual QWidget * mainDocumentWindow ()=0
virtual AppBase::DocumentDatadocumentData ()=0
virtual QAUndoStackundoStack ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool isModified ()
virtual bool saveToPath (QString path, QAFiletype filetype)
virtual void reset ()=0
virtual bool revertDocumentToFile (QString path)
virtual void close ()
virtual void signalDataChange ()
virtual void modifiedStatusChanged (bool becomeModified)
virtual void filepathChanged ()
virtual void filepathChangedTo (const QString &newPath)

Protected Attributes

public signal: virtual void documentDataChanged()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QtAppBase::QADocument::QADocument QADocumentController parent = NULL  ) 

virtual QtAppBase::QADocument::~QADocument  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::askAndClose bool  cancellable = true  )  [virtual, slot]

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::close  )  [protected, virtual]

QADocumentController* QtAppBase::QADocument::documentController  ) 

virtual AppBase::DocumentData* QtAppBase::QADocument::documentData  )  [pure virtual]

virtual QADocumentTemplate* QtAppBase::QADocument::documentTemplate  )  [pure virtual]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::fileExsists  )  const [virtual]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::fileName  )  const [virtual]

virtual QString QtAppBase::QADocument::filePath  )  const [virtual]

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::filepathChanged  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::filepathChangedTo const QString &  newPath  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual QAFiletype QtAppBase::QADocument::filetype  )  const [virtual]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::isModified  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual QWidget* QtAppBase::QADocument::mainDocumentWindow  )  [pure virtual]

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::modifiedStatusChanged bool  becomeModified  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual QtAppBase::QADocument::openFile QString  filePath,
QAFiletype  fileType = QADefaultFiletype()

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::reset  )  [protected, pure virtual]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::revert  )  [virtual, slot]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::revertDocumentToFile QString  path  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::save  )  [virtual, slot]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::saveAs  )  [virtual, slot]

virtual bool QtAppBase::QADocument::saveToPath QString  path,
QAFiletype  filetype
[protected, virtual]

void QtAppBase::QADocument::setDocumentController QADocumentController controller  ) 

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::setFilePath QString  newPath  )  [virtual]

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::setFileType const QAFiletype filetype  )  [virtual]

virtual QtAppBase::QADocument::show  )  [virtual]

virtual void QtAppBase::QADocument::signalDataChange  )  [protected, virtual]

virtual QAUndoStack* QtAppBase::QADocument::undoStack  )  [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

public QtAppBase::QADocument::signal [protected]

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