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SmallRemappedImageCache Class Reference

class to cache remapped images, loaded from the hugin small image cache. More...

#include <ImageCache.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~SmallRemappedImageCache ()
virtual MRemappedImage * getRemapped (const PT::Panorama &pano, const PT::PanoramaOptions &opts, unsigned int imgNr, utils::MultiProgressDisplay &progress)
virtual void release (MRemappedImage *d)
void invalidate ()
 invalidates all images
void invalidate (unsigned int imgNr)
 invalidate a specific image

Protected Attributes

std::map< unsigned, MRemappedImage * > m_images
std::map< unsigned, PT::SrcPanoImage > m_imagesParam
std::map< unsigned, PT::PanoramaOptions > m_panoOpts

Detailed Description

class to cache remapped images, loaded from the hugin small image cache.

This is meant to be used by the preview stitcher.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SmallRemappedImageCache::~SmallRemappedImageCache  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

SmallRemappedImageCache::MRemappedImage * SmallRemappedImageCache::getRemapped const PT::Panorama pano,
const PT::PanoramaOptions &  opts,
unsigned int  imgNr,
utils::MultiProgressDisplay &  progress

void SmallRemappedImageCache::invalidate unsigned int  imgNr  ) 

invalidate a specific image

void SmallRemappedImageCache::invalidate  ) 

invalidates all images

virtual void SmallRemappedImageCache::release MRemappedImage *  d  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

std::map<unsigned, MRemappedImage*> SmallRemappedImageCache::m_images [protected]

std::map<unsigned, PT::SrcPanoImage> SmallRemappedImageCache::m_imagesParam [protected]

std::map<unsigned, PT::PanoramaOptions> SmallRemappedImageCache::m_panoOpts [protected]

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