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UniversalCursor Class Reference

a proper cursor abstraction. More...

#include <UniversalCursor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UniversalCursor (const wxImage &img)

Detailed Description

a proper cursor abstraction.

does the same on all supported platforms! I still wonder why this couldn't be done by the wxWindows people themself.

currently, this is implemented for MSW and GTK. on other platforms, the wxCursor(wxImage) constructor is called.

It is also a bad hack, because it contains some class definitions contained in the wxWindows source. but well I don't care to hack wxWindows stuff anymore. Its too broken anyway.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UniversalCursor::UniversalCursor const wxImage &  img  ) 


Creates a cursor out of img.

The different RGB channels have this meaning:

  • red contains the cursor "grey level", 0-127 for black, 127-255 for white.
  • blue is the alpha (mask) channel
  • green >0 indicates the hot spot

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