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lensFunc Member List

This is the complete list of members for lensFunc, including all inherited members.

align enum valuelensFunc
avgFL_pix()lensFunc [inline]
calibrate enum valuelensFunc
camera_kind enum namelensFunc
cart3d_photo(double x_phot, double y_phot, double xyz_sphr[3])lensFunc
digicam enum valuelensFunc
equal_angle enum valuelensFunc
equal_area enum valuelensFunc
errMsg()lensFunc [inline]
fD_photo_sphere(fDesc *pfd)lensFunc
fD_sphere_photo(fDesc *pfd)lensFunc
fisheye_model enum valuelensFunc
get_c_shift(double &h_shfmm, double &v_shfmm)lensFunc
get_f_scale(double &h_scl, double &v_scl)lensFunc
get_proj_params(double &sina, double &tana, double &tanf)lensFunc
get_rad_params(double pp[7])lensFunc
get_tca_params(double &RperG, double &BperG)lensFunc
get_w_c_shift(double &h_shfmm, double &v_shfmm)lensFunc
get_w_f_scale(double &h_scl, double &v_scl)lensFunc
get_w_proj_params(double &sina, double &tana, double &tanf)lensFunc
get_w_rad_params(double pp[7])lensFunc
get_w_tca_params(double &RperG, double &BperG)lensFunc
getFL_mm()lensFunc [inline]
getOptParams(double *ppa)lensFunc
lens_kind enum namelensFunc
lensFunc(camera_kind c_type, int hPixels, int vPixels, double hPixmm, double vPixmm, lens_kind l_type, double FLmm, double cropRadPix=0)lensFunc
no_cam enum valuelensFunc
no_lens enum valuelensFunc
opt_purpose enum namelensFunc
orthographic enum valuelensFunc
photo_cart3d(double xyz_sphr[3], double *x_phot, double *y_phot)lensFunc
photo_sphere(double x_sphr, double y_sphr, double *x_phot, double *y_phot)lensFunc
rectilinear enum valuelensFunc
scanner enum valuelensFunc
set_c_shift(double h_shfmm, double y_shfmm)lensFunc
set_f_scale(double h_scl, double v_scl)lensFunc
set_proj_params(double sina, double tana, double tanf)lensFunc
set_rad_params(double pp[7])lensFunc
set_tca_params(double RperG, double BperG)lensFunc
setCamLens(camera_kind c_type, int hPixels, int vPixels, double hPixmm, double vPixmm, lens_kind l_type, double FLmm, double cropRadPix=0)lensFunc
setColorChannel(int rgb)lensFunc
setOptParams(double *ppa)lensFunc
setOptPurpose(opt_purpose p, int optRad=2, bool optCen=false, bool optScl=false, bool optTca=false)lensFunc
slitcam enum valuelensFunc
sphere_photo(double x_phot, double y_phot, double *x_sphr, double *y_sphr)lensFunc
stereographic enum valuelensFunc
test_Sara(double v)lensFunc
test_Srar(double v)lensFunc
test_Tara(double v)lensFunc
test_Trar(double v)lensFunc
universal_model enum valuelensFunc
~lensFunc()lensFunc [inline]

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