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vigra::Edgel Class Reference
[Edge Detection]

Helper class that stores edgel attributes. More...

#include <edgedetection.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Edgel ()
 Edgel (float ix, float iy, float is, float io)

Public Attributes

float x
 The edgel's sub-pixel x coordinate.
float y
 The edgel's sub-pixel y coordinate.
float strength
 The edgel's strength (magnitude of the gradient vector).
float orientation
 The edgel's orientation.

Detailed Description

Helper class that stores edgel attributes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vigra::Edgel::Edgel  )  [inline]

vigra::Edgel::Edgel float  ix,
float  iy,
float  is,
float  io

Member Data Documentation

float vigra::Edgel::orientation

The edgel's orientation.

This is the angle between the x-axis and the edge, so that the bright side of the edge is on the right. The angle is measured counter-clockwise in radians like this:

  edgel axis
      \  (bright side)
 (dark \
 side)  \ /__
         \\  \ orientation angle
          \  |
           +------------> x-axis
    y-axis V

So, for example a vertical edge with its dark side on the left has orientation PI/2, and a horizontal edge with dark side on top has orientation 0. Obviously, the edge's orientation changes by PI if the contrast is reversed.

float vigra::Edgel::strength

The edgel's strength (magnitude of the gradient vector).

float vigra::Edgel::x

The edgel's sub-pixel x coordinate.

float vigra::Edgel::y

The edgel's sub-pixel y coordinate.

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