panodata Directory Reference


file  ControlPoint.cpp
file  ControlPoint.h
file  image_variables.h
 This file specifies what image variables SrcPanoImg should have.
file  ImageVariable.h
 Define & Implement the ImageVariable class.
file  ImageVariableGroup.cpp
 Implement the ImageVariableGroup class.
file  ImageVariableGroup.h
 Declare the ImageVariableGroup and ImageVariableGroupObserver classes.
file  ImageVariableTranslate.h
 Convenience functions for SrcPanoImage to use on the image variables.
file  Lens.cpp
 implementation of PanoramaMemento Class
file  Lens.h
 Lens class.
file  Mask.cpp
file  Mask.h
 declaration of classes to work with mask
file  OptimizerSwitches.h
 some definitions to work with optimizer master switches
file  Panorama.cpp
 implementation of Panorama Class
file  Panorama.h
file  PanoramaData.h
file  PanoramaOptions.cpp
 implementation of PanoramaMemento Class
file  PanoramaOptions.h
file  PanoramaVariable.cpp
file  PanoramaVariable.h
file  PTScriptParsing.cpp
file  PTScriptParsing.h
file  SrcPanoImage.cpp
file  SrcPanoImage.h
file  StandardImageVariableGroups.cpp
 Implement the StandardImageVariableGroups object.
file  StandardImageVariableGroups.h
 Somewhere to specify what variables belong to what.

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