tools Directory Reference



file  align_image_stack.cpp [code]
 program to align a set of well overlapping images (~90%)
file  autooptimiser.cpp [code]
 a smarter PTOptimizer, with pairwise optimisation before global optimisation starts
file  checkpto.cpp [code]
 helper program for assistant makefile
file  cpclean.cpp [code]
 program to remove wrong control points by statistical method
file  ExtractPoints.h [code]
 helper procedure for photometric optimizer on command line
file  fulla.cpp [code]
 a tool to perform distortion, vignetting and chromatic abberation correction.
file  geocpset.cpp [code]
 program to set "geometric" control points
file  hugin_hdrmerge.cpp [code]
 merge images
file  hugin_lensdb.cpp [code]
 helper program for working with lens database
file  linefind.cpp [code]
 program to find vertical lines in project
file  nona.cpp [code]
 a simple test stitcher
file  pano_modify.cpp [code]
 program to modify some aspects of a project file on the command line
file  pano_trafo.cpp [code]
 Transform between image <-> panorama coordinates.
file  pto2mk.cpp [code]
 create a makefile out of a pto file
file  pto_gen.cpp [code]
 program to generate a pto file from given image files
file  pto_lensstack.cpp [code]
 program to manipulate lens and stack assignment in pto files
file  pto_mask.cpp [code]
 program to set mask from command line
file  pto_merge.cpp [code]
 program to merge several project files
file  pto_move.cpp [code]
 helper program for moving project with all images at once
file  pto_template.cpp [code]
 program to apply template
file  pto_var.cpp [code]
 program to manipulate variables for scripting
file  stacker.cpp [code]
 program to merge images in a stack
file  tca_correct.cpp [code]
 program to align a set of well overlapping images (~90%)
file  verdandi.cpp [code]
 program to stitch images using the watershed algorithm
file  vig_optimize.cpp [code]
 a simple test stitcher

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