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C++ call interface to hpi. More...

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namespace  hpi


#define hsi_IMPEX


int hpi::callhpi (const char *plugin_name, int argc,...)
 simplified call interface to the Python Plugin facility.

Detailed Description

C++ call interface to hpi.

Kay F. Jahnke
hpi.cpp is the code for the part of hpi that has to be linked to any application using the hsi types to enable it to call python plugins. This separates the implementation of the plugin interface, which is mainly in hpi.h and this file, from the user interface, which is in hpi.h and only declares callhpi(). Inclusion of hpi.h therefore has no side-effects and hpi can be modified without triggering recompiles in code using it.

Definition in file hpi.h.

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#define hsi_IMPEX

Definition at line 34 of file hpi.h.

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