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hugin1/base_wx/ImageCache.h File Reference

#include <hugin_shared.h>
#include <map>
#include <panoinc_WX.h>
#include <PT/RemappedPanoImage.h>
#include <common/utils.h>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>

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struct  ImageKey
 key for an image. More...
class  ImageCache
 This is a cache for all the images we use. More...
class  ImageCache::Entry
 information about an image inside the cache More...
struct  ImageCache::PyramidKey
class  SmallRemappedImageCache
 class to cache remapped images, loaded from the hugin small image cache. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr<
vigra::BRGBImage > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr<
vigra::UInt16RGBImage > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr<
vigra::FRGBImage > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr<
vigra::BImage > 


wxImage imageCacheEntry2wxImage (ImageCache::EntryPtr e)
 shallow copy of the 8 bit image contained in e e needs to be kept as long as this is

Typedef Documentation

typedef boost::shared_ptr<vigra::BImage> ImageCache8Ptr

typedef boost::shared_ptr<vigra::UInt16RGBImage> ImageCacheRGB16Ptr

typedef boost::shared_ptr<vigra::BRGBImage> ImageCacheRGB8Ptr

typedef boost::shared_ptr<vigra::FRGBImage> ImageCacheRGBFloatPtr

Function Documentation

wxImage imageCacheEntry2wxImage ImageCache::EntryPtr  e  ) 

shallow copy of the 8 bit image contained in e e needs to be kept as long as this is

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