SpaceTransform.h File Reference

implementation of Space Transformation More...

#include <vigra/diff2d.hxx>
#include <hugin_math/Matrix3.h>
#include <panodata/PanoramaData.h>

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namespace  HuginBase
namespace  HuginBase::Nona


struct  HuginBase::Nona::_FuncParams
 Parameters for transformation calls Can be just one double, two double, 4 double, a matrix, matrix and a double. More...
struct  HuginBase::Nona::_fDesc
 Function descriptor to be executed by exec_function. More...
class  HuginBase::Nona::SpaceTransform


typedef void(*) HuginBase::Nona::trfn (double x_dest, double y_dest, double *x_src, double *y_src, const _FuncParams &params)
 Transformation function type.
typedef HuginBase::Nona::_fDesc HuginBase::Nona::fDescription
 Function descriptor to be executed by exec_function.


template<class VECTOR>
void HuginBase::Nona::combinePolynom4 (const VECTOR &p, const VECTOR &q, VECTOR &c)
 combine 4rd degree polynomials
template<class TRANSFORM>
void HuginBase::Nona::traceImageOutline (vigra::Size2D sz, TRANSFORM &transf, vigra::Rect2D &inside, vigra::Rect2D &boundingBox)
 Internal function to estimate the image scaling required to avoid black stripes at the image borders.
double HuginBase::Nona::estScaleFactorForFullFrame (const SrcPanoImage &src)
 Calculate effective scaling factor for a given source image.
double HuginBase::Nona::estRadialScaleCrop (const std::vector< double > &coeff, int width, int height)
 Calculate effective scaling factor.

Detailed Description

implementation of Space Transformation

Alexandre Jenny <>
The file implements a lot of functions of libpano new. These should be replace with libpano versions.

Definition in file SpaceTransform.h.

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