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AngularMatching Namespace Reference


struct  AngularMatching::ValueHistogram< TYPE >
 A histogram container class. More...
struct  AngularMatching::Line
struct  AngularMatching::shorterLine
struct  AngularMatching::Triangle
 Triangle. More...
struct  AngularMatching::DistSet


double calcSphericalDist (const FDiff2D &p1, const FDiff2D &p2)
double calcDihedralAngle (double a, double b, double c)
 calculate angle between AB and AC
ostream & operator<< (ostream &o, const Triangle &t)
void printMatrix (ostream &o, double *mat, int width, int height)
void matchTriangleFeatures (Panorama &pano, unsigned int img1, const vector< FDiff2D > &points1, unsigned int img2, const vector< FDiff2D > &points2, int nTriang, double degthresh, int voteThreshhold)
 try to match the given points by matching triangles.

Function Documentation

double calcDihedralAngle double  a,
double  b,
double  c

calculate angle between AB and AC

see http://mathworld.wolfram.com/SphericalTrigonometry.html

for formulas and definitions. a, b, c are the angular length of the sides opposite to points A, B, C

This may be ill conditioned if a,b,c are very small. but should be ok for our cases.

double calcSphericalDist const FDiff2D p1,
const FDiff2D p2

void matchTriangleFeatures Panorama pano,
unsigned int  img1,
const vector< FDiff2D > &  points1,
unsigned int  img2,
const vector< FDiff2D > &  points2,
int  nTriang,
double  degthresh,
int  voteThreshhold

try to match the given points by matching triangles.

uses spherical coordinates, on a unit sphere (see mathworld.wolfram.com) azimuth angle (longitude) (in xy-plane, from x axis) (FDiff2D::x) polar angle (colatitude) (angle from z axis) (FDiff2D::y) r = 1

ostream& operator<< ostream &  o,
const Triangle &  t

void printMatrix ostream &  o,
double mat,
int  width,
int  height

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