AppBase Namespace Reference


class  AppBase::Command< StringType >
 Base class for all panorama commands. More...
class  AppBase::DocumentData
class  AppBase::ProgressDisplay
struct  AppBase::ProgressDisplay::ProgressSubtask
class  AppBase::DummyProgressDisplay
 Dummy progress display, without output. More...
class  AppBase::StreamProgressDisplay
 a progress display to print progress reports to a stream More...
struct  AppBase::ProgressTask
 desribes a subprogess task A progress task describes one operation More...
class  AppBase::MultiProgressDisplay
 The progress display is used to report progress to another part of the program. More...
class  AppBase::DummyMultiProgressDisplay
class  AppBase::MultiProgressDisplayAdaptor
class  AppBase::StreamMultiProgressDisplay
 a progress display to print stuff to stdout (doesn't work properly on the windows console. More...
class  AppBase::ProgressReporter
class  AppBase::DummyProgressReporter
class  AppBase::ProgressReporterAdaptor
class  AppBase::StreamProgressReporter

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