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class  BreadthFirstSearchVisitor
 abstract base functor for breadth first search in ImageGraph More...
class  ImageGraph
 class to work with images graphs created from a HuginBase::Panorama class it creates a graph based on control points and linked images positions and provides function to work with it More...


template<typename VALUETYPE>
void DepthFirstSearch (const ImageGraph::GraphList &graph, std::vector< VALUETYPE > &marks, const size_t vertex, const VALUETYPE setType, const VALUETYPE unvisitedType)
void BreadthFirstSearchVisit (const ImageGraph::GraphList &graph, std::queue< size_t > &queue, std::vector< bool > &visited, BreadthFirstSearchVisitor *visitor)

Function Documentation

template<typename VALUETYPE>
void HuginGraph::DepthFirstSearch ( const ImageGraph::GraphList &  graph,
std::vector< VALUETYPE > &  marks,
const size_t  vertex,
const VALUETYPE  setType,
const VALUETYPE  unvisitedType 

Definition at line 89 of file ImageGraph.cpp.

Referenced by HuginGraph::ImageGraph::IsConnected().

void HuginGraph::BreadthFirstSearchVisit ( const ImageGraph::GraphList &  graph,
std::queue< size_t > &  queue,
std::vector< bool > &  visited,
BreadthFirstSearchVisitor *  visitor 

Definition at line 147 of file ImageGraph.cpp.

References HuginGraph::BreadthFirstSearchVisitor::Visit().

Referenced by HuginGraph::ImageGraph::VisitAllImages().

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