hugin_utils::TRANSFORM Namespace Reference


struct  DegToRad
struct  RadToDeg
struct  ERectToRect
 transform for equirectangular to rectangular. More...
struct  RectToERect
 transform for rectangular to equirectangular. More...
struct  CartToImg
 convert cartesian coordinates to image coordinates More...
struct  ImgToCart
 convert image coordinates to mathematical rectangular coordinates. More...
struct  RotERect
 rotate and move equirectangular orientation. More...
struct  Translate
 translation: dest = src - [x y] More...
struct  InvRotERect
 inverse rotate and move equirectangular orientation. More...


double calcRectFocalLength (double hfov, double width)
void rotatePoint (FDiff2D &dest, FDiff2D src, double angle)

Function Documentation

double hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::calcRectFocalLength ( double  hfov,
double  width 
) [inline]

Definition at line 49 of file Transforms.h.

void hugin_utils::TRANSFORM::rotatePoint ( FDiff2D dest,
FDiff2D  src,
double  angle 
) [inline]

Definition at line 54 of file Transforms.h.

References hugin_utils::TDiff2D< T >::x, and hugin_utils::TDiff2D< T >::y.

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